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Airfoil Impellers Upblast Ventilators are designed for roof mount exhaust systems. Designed and built around our standard panel fan, they provide near maintenance-free operation. Available in both direct-drive and belt-drive configurations, our upblast ventilators come standard with three phase high efficiency motors. The butterfly door assembly is aluminum constructed with phenolic shafting to provide years of problem free use.

Standard housings are fabricated using steel, but are also available in aluminum and stainless steel construction. Additionally, steel housings come standard with an enamel finish, with optional epoxy and hot dip galvanized finishes available.

·  Emergency Exhaust
·  Equipment Cooling
·  Exhaust
·  General Ventilation
·  Machinery Room Ventilation
·  Roof Exhaust
Housing Material Options:
·  Steel (Enamel Finish)
·  Steel (Epoxy Finish)
·  Steel (Hot-Dip Galvanized)
·  Aluminum
·  Stainless Steel
Drive Mechanism:
·  Belt Drive
·  Direct Drive
·  Continuous Welded Housing
·  NEMA T-Frame Motor Mount

Cut Sheet
Upblast Ventilator Cut Sheet To view or print model specifications,
download the product cut sheet.